Our mandate as a church is to bring “Light to the Nations”

The heart of Light of the Nations is firstly Apostolic before it is Pastoral our people are mission minded.

We understand that we are “sent ones” by God for His Kingdom.




Our Heart

To raise true “Sons in the House” who will allow Christ to be formed in them in all circumstances.…  (Gal 4:19).  We the sons, take responsibility for the Set Man’s God given vision, to support him to bring that vision to pass, for this is “our” house, this is our kingdom and He “Jesus” is our Lord!






Our Mission

Our Mission birthed out of love for our Father God… because we love Him we love what He loves… and our service is to Him and what He loves… He is our priority, His Kingdom is our priority!







Our Vision

To see “God’s Kingdom established on earth as it is in heaven” by various means … planting churches and building people… preaching the uncompromised Word of God and continuing in “Apostolic doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread (remembering His death to receive our life) and prayers…. (Acts 2:42)