Apostolic Oversight

Bishop Deric and Pastor Belinda Linley started their ministry in 1986 and have been in ministry for 30 years.

Together they have pioneered 2 churches, which they oversee. They have a network of 50+ churches that relate to them throughout Africa
as a result of the Bible School they established and 100 pastors and churches that look to them for insight. They have also pioneered a private school: Christian Achievers Academy.

Bishop Deric and Ps Belinda are strong believers in the current Apostolic Reformation with the proceeding Word in this season proving to produce Christians with a heart to have Christ formed in them and who are also prepared to lay down their lives for the Kingdom of God.

They also embrace the gospel of grace as the true gospel of Christ Jesus, having ceased from placing confidence in the flesh and being totally dependent on Jesus and His completed work on the cross. Bishop Deric and Pastor Belinda are passionate about men and women taking their place in the body of Christ and being an active part of changing their world by the grace of God. They genuinely love people and are committed to seeing Christ formed in them. They believe whole-heartedly in investing in the next generation and raising up leaders who will actively fulfill the great commission.

They have two children who are both in full time ministry with their marriage partners and 4 grandchildren.