Ps Jonathan and Carina Linley

Ps Jonathan and his wife Carina manage the Pretoria Office and Staff. Jonathan is also head of all Praise and Worship Bands at Light of the Nations. Ps Jonathan is passionate about the legacy his parents Bishop Deric & Ps Belinda Linley have created by God’s Grace.

They are both passionate about preaching and seeking the kingdom of God first, and growing the Kingdom of God through growing Light of the Nations according to the vision God has given our Apostolic Oversight.

Ps Deon and Tracy Chetty

Ps Deon has been a part of Light of the Nations since 2006. He is involved with Prayer Meetings, assists with Pastoral Counselling and preaching on Sundays.

He is a True Son in Light of the Nations and will do whatever it takes to get the job done, be it preaching on Sunday or packing gift bags on a Friday night.

He takes ownership of not only the vision of the House, but the people in the house. His wife Tracy is known for making the best curry in Polokwane (maybe we’re just biased about that).

Ps Bojan and Samantha Palic

Bojan and Samantha are a power team and serve wherever and whenever needed.

Ps Bojan and Samantha are a great blessing to Light of the Nations Church and truly have a heart and mind to build God’s House and serve His People.